October 23, 2016

Safety Planning

A person is at highest risk once a restraining order has been served to the abuser. It is critical that the victim have a safety plan in place.. We have caseworkers on staff who will meet with the victim to develop a safety plan. Together they will assess and determine:

  • Where is the safest place for the victim to stay. We can help with safe shelter.
  • If children are involved, notifications and instructions may need to be made to their caregivers, schools, teachers.
  • Does the victim’s employer need to be informed?
  • Does the victim have a phone to call 911 if the abuser violates the restraining order?
  • Do family members and friends need to be informed of what to do if the abuser contacts them?

Our trauma-informed caseworker can help design individualized safety plans, taking these issues, and others into account.